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Building an
American Clock Movement

by Steven G. Conover

Building an American Clock Movement presents an exciting clockmaking project: making a sturdy American timepiece movement! The pendulum length is just over six inches, perfect for a shelf clock case. First-time clock builders will be able to follow each step through to completion. The author explains and illustrates each clockmaking step as he uses Sherline and Unimat equipment to make the parts. The ability to make gears is what sets the true clockmaker apart. That's why it's a big bonus to have the complete set of plans included in this book for making J.M. Huckabee's Wheel Making Fixture and the gear tooth fly cutters of Archie Perkins (AWI). The book is especially helpful to repairers who want to learn to construct missing clock parts such as wheels, recoil escapements, lantern pinions, and other assemblies. With 155 photos and drawings, this 8-1/2" spiral-bound format opens flat on the bench.

ISBN 0-9624766-3-3

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