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Discuss the design and building of complete clocks and parts. This includes machining and fabrication techniques.
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Starting to build first clock movement
Greetings, I have been repairing clocks as a part time business and as a hobby since 1990. One of my goals has been to make a movement and since I have recently retired I am finally getting around to ...

Started 11/18/14 at 04:31:32 by Harry Hopkins
7 116 Last Post 11/21/14 at 00:56:58
By: Harry Hopkins
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Best material for back of a grandfather clock
I have built 5 grandfather clocks, starting on a 6th. I have seen plans that call for 1/4" plywood for the back, but have made mine of solid wood, either 3/4" or 7/8", thinking that the 1/4 ply doesn'...

Started 10/11/14 at 13:17:51 by Lou Kuhlmann
0 38 Last Post 10/11/14 at 13:17:51
By: Lou Kuhlmann
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Best material for back of grandfather clocks
I have built 5 grandfather clocks, and am starting on a 6th. I have seen plans that call for ¼” plywood for the back, but have made mine of solid wood, either ¾” or 7/8”, thinking that ¼ ply doesn’t h...

Started 10/11/14 at 02:16:36 by Lou Kuhlmann
0 25 Last Post 10/11/14 at 02:16:36
By: Lou Kuhlmann
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about to blow a fuse, or fusee !
I was very proud of my achievement in making the fusee, all for naught it appears, why ? well John Wildings dimensions for it are wrong, he gave the minor dia as 11/16 inch, the drawing looked differe...

Started 07/14/14 at 04:13:09 by hamilton
3 276 Last Post 09/05/14 at 09:29:56
By: hamilton
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Question about 1st wheel tooth count.
I'm still working on my sprocket and chain clock, but stymied with the 1st wheel.  Because I'm building it using the tooth counts from the Building an American Clock Movement, the 1st wheel has 84 tee...

Started 08/27/14 at 06:32:52 by Steve Fornelius
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4 266 Last Post 08/28/14 at 18:26:01
By: Steven Conover
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"An American Clock Movement" Latest Progress
It's finally looking like a clock.  Still a lot of work to do and a bug or two to work out but the gear train does run very smooth.  Maybe perfection is not possible, I'm not sure yet.  Looking forwar...

Started 04/11/13 at 17:08:38 by humblepinhead
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21 3486 Last Post 07/29/14 at 14:58:07
By: humblepinhead
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Just pondering a chain and sprocket movement
I was playing around with Gearotic today, and I looked at a sprocket and flashed on "why not make a clock with sprockets and chains instead of a regular gear train".
I know the efficiency would p...

Started 03/11/14 at 07:37:29 by Steve Fornelius
3 562 Last Post 07/23/14 at 17:33:42
By: Steve Fornelius
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Have just finished making the fusee for John Wildings scroll frame skeleton clock, as a machining exercise i made a "template" follower  attached to the lathe bed with an arc radius of 2.2 inches and ...

Started 07/08/14 at 07:04:37 by hamilton
0 207 Last Post 07/08/14 at 07:04:37
By: hamilton
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homebuilt synchronome
Howdy, I'm reassembling my homebuilt Synchronome with ball bearings (.0469 bore Dynaroll S.S. open bearings, PN SR0 A5) on all the pivots, now when I flick the count wheel with a finger, it freewheels...

Started 02/07/14 at 21:12:41 by robinson
3 1427 Last Post 03/23/14 at 20:29:26
By: robinson
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CM21 - any input on how this program runs?
I'm interested in taking the CM21 test, but I'm wondering what areas of study to concentrate on, and the cost of taking the test.  I'm proficient in performing the repair tasks in module one, but I'm ...

Started 06/08/13 at 22:31:06 by Steve Fornelius
3 734 Last Post 03/06/14 at 02:20:46
By: Len Lataille
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Chime Rods
I have a question.  How possible would it be to make replicas of broken brass chime rods with the same length and diameter as the originals?  They are from a Vedette mantle clock I've talked about in ...

Started 02/20/14 at 23:44:32 by Master_Smiloid
0 190 Last Post 02/20/14 at 23:44:32
By: Master_Smiloid
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See-Throught Clock Movement
I did this as a project/proof of concept.  I've wanted to make a clock where someone could see all the parts working in concert with each other.  I used an Indian movment for the gears and made the pl...

Started 12/06/12 at 19:45:27 by Steve Fornelius
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13 2544 Last Post 01/30/14 at 03:12:58
By: Steve Fornelius
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Re: long drop regulator wall clock
The first question is: what kind of movement are you looking for? Is it a relatively low cost, mass produced, current production German movement or a limited production movement, if one is available? ...

Started 01/22/14 at 19:55:52 by Steven Conover
0 342 Last Post 01/23/14 at 16:08:24
By: Steven Conover
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French gridiron pendulums
I'm considering building a French style table regulator but am having dificulty finding details of the construction of the 9 wire gridiron pendulums c1800. In particular the areas where the suspension...

Started 12/27/13 at 02:36:18 by Bobinoz
0 238 Last Post 12/27/13 at 02:36:18
By: Bobinoz
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"How To Make a Foliot Clock" Question
I've been working on this clock for awhile now and have a question concerning the theoretical length of the Front Escape Bearing.  The drawings on page 45 of the book indicate a total length of 0.600"...

Started 09/11/13 at 16:31:31 by humblepinhead
5 1740 Last Post 11/23/13 at 21:33:56
By: humblepinhead
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Motion work
Hi I am trying to make my first clock, I do not want to use a ready made plan. I am going to make it out of wood, it's gonna be a very simple wall mounted weight driven clock. The train will be, a gre...

Started 11/13/13 at 18:00:44 by gassyhans
1 382 Last Post 11/14/13 at 23:05:01
By: Steven Conover
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dividing head recommendation
Hello. I have just joined the forum so thanks for having me. I am planning to get into clock making  and already have 3 books.
"Clock Making for the Model Engineer"
"Wheel and Pinion cutting...

Started 08/14/13 at 23:47:18 by imadgets
3 2052 Last Post 10/27/13 at 15:57:04
By: DaveInStraights
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Thrust bearing
The escape arbor of my Merlin band table clock requires a thrust bearing. I could devise a glass-hard pad running against the end of the half-hardened arbor or something along those lines. 
I co...

Started 10/07/13 at 14:56:47 by merlin
1 519 Last Post 10/08/13 at 06:44:03
By: Steve Fornelius
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Skeleton clock
Hello All
It's been about half a year since my last post, must say the time is flying.
Well I have now found the project that I will use to test both my clockmaking tools and my skills and i...

Started 02/07/12 at 16:28:00 by m_kilde
6 1795 Last Post 07/09/13 at 16:27:47
By: Steven Conover
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Nice clock plans at link below
(You need to Login or Register to view media files and links)

Started 07/08/13 at 03:14:21 by D Sullivan
0 421 Last Post 07/08/13 at 03:14:21
By: D Sullivan
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