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Discuss the design and building of complete clocks and parts. This includes machining and fabrication techniques.
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Tooth Depth for Ratchet and Recoil Cutters
Hi All,
I'm about to make my first clock based on Wilding's Large Wheel Skeleton Clock. While there are many tables and formulas available for blank sizes and tooth depth for making standard whee...

Started 09/25/15 at 08:57:11 by Zeamon
3 94 Last Post 09/26/15 at 13:33:15
By: Steven Conover
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Sonora chimes
I want to make a set of bells similar to those found in a Sonora bell chime clock. Anyone know what the material is, brass or steel?

Started 08/11/15 at 14:38:29 by PMLAPL
4 355 Last Post 08/14/15 at 10:40:20
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3 story tower clock using 1830 water mtr mvt
  A well known customer (done 10 of his clocks) brought me a [i]Glenfield & Kennedy[i]1830 mvt he bought in an auction - no pendulum, no weight, fair white enamel face, hands (Rom) - very orig. The G...

Started 07/10/15 at 14:42:32 by americlock
0 186 Last Post 07/10/15 at 14:42:32
By: americlock
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Chime rods
Would it be possible to get a custom set of chime rods made?  If so, what would it cost?  Would I have to send the original rods and screw(s) so that you know what the tone should be?  If you need ...

Started 05/27/15 at 15:48:26 by Master_Smiloid
2 429 Last Post 06/02/15 at 21:21:45
By: Master_Smiloid
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Question about 1st wheel tooth count.
I'm still working on my sprocket and chain clock, but stymied with the 1st wheel.  Because I'm building it using the tooth counts from the Building an American Clock Movement, the 1st wheel has 84 tee...

Started 08/27/14 at 06:32:52 by Steve Fornelius
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4 933 Last Post 08/28/14 at 18:26:01
By: Steven Conover
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CM21 - any input on how this program runs?
I'm interested in taking the CM21 test, but I'm wondering what areas of study to concentrate on, and the cost of taking the test.  I'm proficient in performing the repair tasks in module one, but I'm ...

Started 06/08/13 at 22:31:06 by Steve Fornelius
3 1260 Last Post 03/06/14 at 02:20:46
By: Len Lataille
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Re: long drop regulator wall clock
The first question is: what kind of movement are you looking for? Is it a relatively low cost, mass produced, current production German movement or a limited production movement, if one is available? ...

Started 01/22/14 at 19:55:52 by Steven Conover
0 678 Last Post 01/23/14 at 16:08:24
By: Steven Conover
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French gridiron pendulums
I'm considering building a French style table regulator but am having dificulty finding details of the construction of the 9 wire gridiron pendulums c1800. In particular the areas where the suspension...

Started 12/27/13 at 02:36:18 by Bobinoz
0 551 Last Post 12/27/13 at 02:36:18
By: Bobinoz
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Nice clock plans at link below
(You need to Login or Register to view media files and links)

Started 07/08/13 at 03:14:21 by D Sullivan
0 743 Last Post 07/08/13 at 03:14:21
By: D Sullivan
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question about machine
Hi, to begin with: I am new here. I come from the Netherlands, so forgive me my bad english.
I came upon this site when I was looking for information about a machine that I have. I do not (yet) h...

Started 03/05/13 at 16:17:27 by Sander
3 1209 Last Post 03/06/13 at 15:36:46
By: Knibbly
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Clock 3, converting a quartz grandfather clock
Take a look. (You need to Login or Register to view media files and links)

Started 08/07/12 at 23:50:48 by D Sullivan
0 878 Last Post 08/07/12 at 23:50:48
By: D Sullivan
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Merlin band clock
Is anyone making or has anyone ever made a Merlin band clock?
The originals (I think there are only two, one better than the other) were designed and made by John Joseph Merlin in about 1777, I t...

Started 03/11/12 at 01:26:54 by merlin
0 4270 Last Post 03/11/12 at 01:26:54
By: merlin
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Making hands
I am a woodworker who is starting on a reproduction of a 1790 shelf clock. I purchased an Ingraham mantle movement (mfd 1907) for it but the hands are way too short for this project. What I need is se...

Started 01/07/12 at 13:03:26 by Dennis Heyza
3 1667 Last Post 01/28/12 at 04:07:42
By: TLGriff
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While viewing various pendulum mechanisms I have not seen a "Bent Back" suspension wire hook on any working clock. I would think the bob should hang plumb, or is this "Much-ado-about-nothing? Thanks,...

Started 01/21/12 at 14:05:30 by cSchaefer
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0 1410 Last Post 01/21/12 at 14:05:30
By: cSchaefer
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Looking for guidance on pendulum drive mechanics
A while ago I posted about an electromagnetic driven pendulum I had built.
I had to shelve the project for a while, but now I'm "back on it". I've successfully built a new pendulum with a ratche...

Started 05/28/11 at 19:54:42 by shobley
2 2293 Last Post 08/29/11 at 16:56:09
By: Hans
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wheel making???
Just curious if ones that cut wheels (gears) do so only for their needs or  do so for others and if so, how do you price ? by size , by time and material , flat rate, etc.

Started 02/18/11 at 11:19:33 by hoo-boy (Ex Member)
2 1865 Last Post 04/05/11 at 07:36:13
By: uhn113x - Ex Member
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I posted this as a Stiefelmayer lathe, see previous posting, but now believe it to be a PENNANT German made lathe.  Why on earth it has the Stiefelmayer tag on it I don't know.  Is anyone out there fa...

Started 02/13/09 at 22:58:32 by Rod
2 2634 Last Post 11/12/10 at 23:18:28
By: Pannier
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I've finally made myself a depthing tool!
Raided the scrap box, so didn't have to buy much in the way of materials.
Got it down to less than 0.5mm difference on all four runner ends.  Smiley

Started 03/19/10 at 20:18:56 by uhn113x (Ex Member)
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8 4285 Last Post 11/12/10 at 18:49:08
By: uhn113x - Ex Member
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Building a Metric Clock
First off let me say I'm not a clock maker, but more of a metric time person. Currently we are producing a digital metric clock and some of us in the group are trying to figure out how to produce an a...

Started 10/07/10 at 18:21:04 by zucky
2 1827 Last Post 10/11/10 at 08:41:15
By: uhn113x - Ex Member
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Escapement for EM pendulum.
I recently built an electromagnetic pendulum using a microcontroller. My plan is to build a clock mechanism around it.
The first problem is making a suitable escapement (or ratchet) syst...

Started 05/28/10 at 17:18:51 by shobley
1 1511 Last Post 05/30/10 at 15:15:46
By: LynnF
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