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Mark Meadows
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Burwood Clock
05/05/09 at 20:02:51
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Hi Friends,

I bought a cute (to me anyhow) clock at a flea market for $7.50.  Burwood made what I guess you would call tableau clocks--clocks that show a little scene or bowl of fruit or whatever--with a clock in the bargain.  Most of them you see on eBay are rather tasteless (to me anyhow) and painted in garish colors.  Most of them have battery movements.  They are made of some sort of composition, heavier than plastic.

However, mine is not the typical colored ones, but a medium wood color.   Mine represents a grandfather clock and umbrella stand of canes beside the banister of a stairway.  What struck me is that it is almost an exact representation of our house where we have a grandfather clock and umbrella stand of canes near our banister.  AND my Burwood has a pretty good 8-day German balance-wheel movement.  The size is about 28" tall and 11.5" wide.  I hung it in the stairway to appear recursive.
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