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Clockmakers Newsletter is the eight-page, clocks-only newsletter published by editor Steven G. Conover from September 1987 through December 2008. The 256 issues offered a wealth of practical clock repair information, including how-to articles, clock repair Q&A, repair tips, and other features.

The Clockmakers Newsletter Workshop Series is now underway to edit, update, and reorganize all this content into books. Arranged by topic, the books make it unnecessary to search through back issues for references to a particular subject. Even better, you will find comments and opinions on an article printed right after the article itself, where they are most useful. The books cover general repair techniques, mainsprings, bushings, tools, and much more. They have a fresh look, and there is new material added.

In 2011 and 2012, we published Book 1 Repairs, Book 2 Tools, Tips & Projects, and Book 3 Escapements. In October 2013, we published Book 4 Grandfather Clocks and Book 5 Tubular Bell Clocks.

Watch for upcoming books in the Clockmakers Newsletter Workshop Series. The next books will cover American clocks.


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